SmartBaffle - The Bigger Better Baffle

Flo-Free Leaf Guard. Protecting gutter for over 20 years!

SmartVent attic intake ventilation

SmartVent can be used at the eave, mid-roof, shed-wall, off-peak and dormers
SmartVent by DCI has received a listing from the Intenational Code Council, Approved by the Texas department of Insurance and passed a wide array of field and lab testing

SmartBaffle for Superior Ventilation

SmartBaffle is also designed for rugged, unbreakable use and handling. SmartBaffle 16 is constructed of non-collapsing material with lifetime durability. Ease of installation by the contractor is achieved by the design, engineering and technology inherent in the baffle product. There are many ways to secure the SmartBaffle but the universal method is to use a 16D nail at the center of each side when installed against the roof decking. The nails are placed tight against the SmartBaffle, against the lower outer surface and ‘tacked’ in place securely, only driving the nail enough to hold the SmartBaffle in place. Continue until the desired amount of SmartBaffle is installed and follow up installing the insulation. Insulation should fit loosely in the remaining rafter space to gain the maximum ‘R’ value (winter) and ‘U’ value (summer).

SmartVent attic intake ventilation
Lyndhurst Estate Bowling Alley, Tarrytown NY

Considered one of the most beautiful estates in North America, the Lyndhurst estate is home to a 19th century private bowling alley once owned by one of the richest tycoons in the country. CedarVent was chosen to use as ventilation for this project to bring this recreational building back to its original beauty with modern technology. Here are some links about the project and also to the CedarVent portion of our website.

Preservation Leadership Forum: Lyndhurst Bowling Alley Roof - Restored and Improved

Ny Times article about the Lyndhurst project

Cedarvent for Cross Ventilation
SmartRidge I cross section to show how this ridge vent works

Smart Design

SmartRidge I's unique design results in perfectly clean roof lines instead of the sloppy shingle lift most flexible, rolled ridge vents leave behind. DCI Products has a full line of nail gunnable ridgevents to solve all your ventilation needs.

SmartRidge II

SmartRidge II Ridge Ventilation

Hip & Ridge Vent End Cap

SmartRidge II is the 1st rigid, corrugated ridge vent with an exterior weather guard that is literally taking the ridge vent market by storm! This patented external weather guard only allows air to flow through the vent and protects your attic from rain, sleet, and snow penetration. SmartRidge II has a NFA rating of 18 square inches per linear foot.

SmartRidge II comes in three sizes 10.5", 8.5" & 7"

ValleyVent cross ventilation
ValleyVent is perfect for getting proper ventilation around obstacles on a roof, such as skylights and chimneys