SmartVent Attic Ventilation
SmartRidge I Attic Exhaust Ventilation
SmartRidge Attic Exhaust Ventilation
US RoofVent Intake Ventilation
RafterVent Cross Ventilation for skylights and other obstacles
FasciaVent for Low Slope and Metal Roofs
Cedarvent for Cross Ventilation

ValleyVent for venting around obstructions
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RevealTape shingle layout tools for multiple crews

Calculating Your Ventilation Needs

Note: Calculations are based on 1 square foot of Net Free Area
for every 150 square feet of residential attic floor space.

Numbers are based on average roof pitch between 4/12 and 10/12

Enter the width and length of your home, including overhang (in feet):
Your width measurement is parallel to the ridge
Your length is the measurement perpendicular to the ridge
Total Area
(Sq Ft)
Minimum NFA needed
(Sq Inches)

*Calculations are based on a standard "A" frame roof with an average roof pitch.
*These are minimum requirements for proper venting, actual vents should extend to the ends of the roof when possible with a maximum rafter length of twenty-four(24) feet per side.
* For commercial use, please call DCI Products with detailed information. Commercial applications include rafters that have a length greater than 24 feet per side.


SmartRidge II (EXHAUST) - 18 NFA Ridge Vents

Pieces of SmartRidge I or SmartRidge II needed for exhaust or ft.
SmartVent (INTAKE) - 9 NFA Continuous Soffit Intake Vents
Pieces of SmartVent or FasciaVent needed for intake or ft.

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