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RevealTape shingle layout tools for multiple crews

Facilitate Multiple Crews!

This 26 square, tear-off, intersecting roof job was started at 7:00 a.m. By 2:00 p.m. that same afternoon, caps were being installed on the ridge vent, completing the roofing installation. DCI's RevealTape configured the entire roof, both horizontally and vertically, facilitating multiple installation crews.

Facilitate Layouts
  1. Without Manual Measurements
  2. Multiple Installation Crews on the same section of roof
  3. Fast/Easy/Accurate Navigation of Dormers & Skylights
  4. Horizontal and Vertical Layouts
  5. Minimal Supervision
  6. Shingle Layout on Uneven & Irregular roofs
  7. Installations ALL within manufacturer's specifications
  1. Trial & Error Calculations and Back-Shingling
  2. Labor Costs & Measurement errors
  3. Shingle Waste
  4. Excessive Supervisory Personnel
  5. Manual Measurements
  6. Down Time & Labor Loss due to wrong markings
Easy Installation
  1. After the first course of shingles has been installed, using the RevealTape, simply place the first line of RevealTape at the top of the installed shingle.
  2. Nail or staple the RevealTape to the roof as far up the roof as you can go.
  3. Do the same procedure on the other side of the roof.
  4. Snap line between the two RevealTape strips, or just use tape marks.
  5. Align top of shingles along the tape line created using RevealTape.

Chimneys, Dormers, Skylights

The procedure for installing shingles around roof obstructions is now simple with RevealTape by DCI. When you reach the obstruction:

  1. Install RevealTape along each side of the obstruction.
  2. Shingle over tapes aligning top of shingle to respective line on Reveal tape. It's that simple
  3. You can even strike lines using the new revolutionary RevealTape without using your pencil & measuring rule.

(image of RevealTape on roof)

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